Hack Schooling

I really enjoyed the Ted talk with Logan Laplante. I think by having a younger person talk about education is really enlightening. Reason being, he is intelligent enough to know why regular schooling doesn’t work because he is witnessing it first hand. I really enjoyed his ideas on hack schooling. Growing up, I don’t remember a single teacher that stressed the fact of happiness in the classroom. Especially the older I got, and I think that is a big issue. When going through school, I think teachers should try to bring into the classroom more of the things Logan talks about. Its hard and nearly impossible to bring Spirituality and religion into the classroom without getting fired these days. But if you introduce your students to different religions around the world and talk about what other belief systems people have with no bias what so ever I think it would be very beneficial to your students. By introducing them to other religions and just simply showing them what other people believe in, it may  help them in their personal lives. Same goes for exercise and being outdoors. By going outside more teachers may think its taking away from learning time. But looking back, I know I would have retained much more information if I was allowed a little brain break outside in nature. There comes a point in student learning when they kind of just turn off and go through the motions in class, and by being in nature more often can definitely help. Logan LePlant Ted Talk. 

The reading in my opinion was somewhat interesting. I agree a lot with what Bud the teacher had to say. My favorite part about the blog was when he said that learning happens when we make things. And I completely agree with that. I know as a student, I am much more likely to learn something if I am given the opportunity to be creative with the task at hand. If what is being taught is fun and makes me use my imagination, there is no doubt in my mind that I am going to retain the information a lot better. I think thats a very big problem with our schooling now-a-days. When we are presented information, it seems to be in the most boring and bland way possible and teachers from early education through college level expect us to learn something that they themselves cant even make interesting. The problem in my opinion is a lot of teachers forget that they were kids themselves, and forget that kids have the most extraordinary imaginations and by utilizing their imagination is when teachers can make a real impact on a student and help them be effective learners.


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8 thoughts on “Hack Schooling

  1. I also though the hackschooling talk was very enlightening. Having a younger person talk about it made the speech a little more interesting and I thought it was amazing how confident he was speaking in front of a crowd. I agree with the idea that incorporating the outdoors into our classrooms is really important because some kids do not go outside much anymore. Teachers can easily find ways to weave schoolwork and the outdoors into one hitting both at the same time and actually making learning more enjoyable for the kids. It might even spark some interest for the students and help create new and exciting ideas. Great post!


    1. I think that Logan being a kid and talking about education helped us as future teachers to see what is actually going through a student’s mind rather than what we are taught about what goes through their heads. I like how you addressed that! It speaks to me more than it would if an adult were just describing what was talked about in the video.


  2. Justin, I think that you are right Logan is seeing it first hand so he knows what is wrong and what needs work. Happiness is definitely something that needs to be stressed more in schools today and with all ages. I also agree with learning happens when we make things, it is easier to learn while doing then being taught through a power point or just a lecture. Great blog!


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